Turkey Shoot for UK release

Poster art for film Turkey Shoot shows a menacing man with a rifle standing with one foot on the stomach of a dead woman lying on the ground. In the foreground is a scary-looking long-haired, bearded, snarling, half-man/half-monster type figure.
Turkey Shoot for UK release
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A quad-size poster for the Brian Trenchard-Smith film Turkey Shoot (1982), featuring a full-length shot of Camp Commander Thatcher holding a rifle and standing with his foot on the body of a dead woman, who has been shot several times. Across the centre in yellow block lettering is the title and tagline, 'No film for chickens'.

Turkey Shoot was released in the UK in 1982 and later had a home video release under the title Blood Camp Thatcher.

This is an extraordinary poster design that knows to play up its B movie credentials. The central image is both offensive and hilarious in equal measure. It works better as an illustration than a film still - it's hard to imagine a photograph of this scene being displayed by cinemas.

The added warnings for the public are an effective tease, reminiscent of similar warnings that were added to horror films in the 1950s.