Turkey Shoot Lobby Card - 'Jennifer and Rita' for French Release

Close up of a menacing-looking dark-haired woman (Carmen Duncan) tormenting a blond woman (Lynda Stoner) by pointing an arrow at her face in a scene from 'Turkey Shoot'.
Turkey Shoot Lobby Card - 'Jennifer and Rita' for French Release
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This is one of a set of eight French lobby cards for the Brian Trenchard-Smith 'Ozploitation' film Turkey Shoot (1982), renamed Les traqués de l'an 2000 (which directly translates to Hunted People of the Year 2000) for its release in France in 1983.

Turkey Shoot was set in the near future where 'social deviants' are sent to prison camps for re-education and a game of 'turkey shoot' is played out as the prisoners bid for their freedom in a deadly game of cat and mouse. 

The lobby card shows Jennifer (Carmen Duncan) tormenting prisoner Rita Daniels (Lynda Stoner). The image of the sadistic female overseer recalls women's prison movies of the 1950s and indicates that the film features action and violence between women as well as men.