Turkey Shoot: Arrival at Camp 47

Turkey Shoot: Arrival at Camp 47
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Without doubt one of the most notorious Australian films ever made, Turkey Shoot has attracted both wildly positive and negative reactions over the years.

In this clip, Camp Master Charles Thatcher (Michael Craig) welcomes new arrivals Chris Walters (Olivia Hussey), Rita Daniels (Lynda Stoner) and Paul Landers (Steve Railsback) to Re-education Camp 47.

In no-nonsense exploitation film style, Turkey Shoot swiftly maps out plot and character. In this early scene prison boss Thatcher sets out a clear picture of the world the prisoners have entered and what’s expected of them. The tone is ominous and the audience is left in no doubt that terrible things are in store for Paul, Chris and Rita. Director Brian Trenchard-Smith expertly packs the widescreen Cinemascope frame with extras, giving the film a ‘big’ feel on a modest budget. The lush surrounding jungle, where the ‘turkey shoot’ will take place, is starkly in contrast with the camp’s dusty harshness.