Travelogue of Eastern States

Travelogue of Eastern States
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This clip documents the spectacle of a large surf carnival on Bondi Beach in approximately 1929. The surf clubs march on the sand and lifesavers give a resuscitation demonstration.

Summary by Elizabeth Taggart-Speers

This clip from a travelogue illustrates what a great spectacle the Bondi Surf Carnival was in 1929. The technique used in the demonstration of a rescue and resuscitation looks very different to today’s methods.

Travelogue of Eastern States Synopsis

This travelogue, made around 1929, shows the major cities of eastern Australia including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and the new national capital, Canberra.

Curator's Notes

Produced by Australasian Films, this travelogue was screened as part of the newsreel program in cinemas around Australia, though it does not take a traditional newsreel format.

As the film is silent, intertitles are used at the beginning of each segment to introduce each city.

Notes by Elizabeth Taggart-Speers


Production company:
Australasian Films