Torvill and Dean at the Opera House

Ice skaters Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean posing on the steps of the Sydney Opera House.
Torvill and Dean at the Opera House
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Ice skating duo Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean pose like any other tourists with the iconic sails of the Sydney Opera House behind them. This same year they won a gold medal at the Sarajevo Winter Olympic Games.

Millions of photographs are taken every year by the 8.2 million visitors to the Opera House – including celebrities, tourists and locals. Known around the world as an emblem of Australia, this photograph is a great example of the many publicity images taken of national and international stars soaking up the ambience of the UNESCO World Heritage site. It's unfortunate though that the photographer didn't pay more attention to the background light. If the sky hadn't been overexposed this could have become an iconic photograph.

Other celebrities and dignitaries who have appeared at the Opera House include: Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip, Lady Diana and Prince Charles, Nelson Mandela, Pope John Paul II, Oprah Winfrey and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Famous performers at the House include Dame Joan Sutherland, Paul Robeson, the Sydney Symphony Orchestra, Bangarra Dance Theatre, Crowded House and Winifred Atwell.