Thirst: Dream sequence

Thirst: Dream sequence
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Australia’s only postmodern vampire movie, Thirst is a highlight of the ‘Ozploitation’ films made in the late 1970s and early 80s.

In this clip, Kate Davis (Chantal Contouri) is enjoying a picnic with boyfriend Derek Whitelaw (Rod Mullinar). Horrified to discover her food has been spiked with human blood, Kate turns to Derek, who now appears to be Hyma Brotherhood member Hodge (Max Phipps).

Thirst unleashes a solid quota of shocks as the brotherhood attempts to cultivate Kate’s thirst for human blood. Part of an extended sequence that darts from reality to fantasy, this passage establishes a false sense of security by placing Kate in a romantic setting with her boyfriend Derek. The double shocks of the bloody chicken leg and boyfriend Derek suddenly ‘becoming’ Hodge, a member of the sect, are made all the more effective by the apparently happy interlude preceding them.