Tatler Social Newsreel: Sherry, olives and cocker spaniels (c.1934)

Tatler Social Newsreel: Sherry, olives and cocker spaniels (c.1934)
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Only a few Efftee newsreels have survived and this one is a vivid record of Melbourne society at play in the 1930s, complete with a society party in South Yarra.

This clip shows a sherry party held by Melbourne socialite Jenny Faulkner, husband of Lou Connolly, at her home in South Yarra.

The guests include a young shipping magnate, a German wool buyer, the wife of a tobacco owner, a former explorer and women from Melbourne’s social scene. Peter Newmarch narrates the clip and identifies the main guests in attendance.

The narration in this clip is in the style of celebrity gossip in which Newmarch identifies people by their outfit, social status, beauty or source of wealth, as well as their name. His descriptions include an 'exotic-looking figure, a 'commanding young matron’, an 'elegant young woman’ and, finally, the 'charming’ Jenny Faulkner, the hostess of the party. The extravagant party also features plenty of alcohol, cocker spaniels, a horse on the lawn and archery. While times have changed, this style of local celebrity piece is familiar to audiences today from entertainment magazines, reality television and newspaper social pages.

Poppy De Souza