Sydney Opera House Kylie flash mob

Sydney Opera House Kylie flash mob
Nine Network
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A flash mob of hundreds of dancers covers the Sydney Opera House Forecourt steps. They are dancing to Kylie Minogue's 1992 cover of the Kool & the Gang song 'Celebration'.

Although it's such a brief story, the classic song, originally released in 1980, is instantly recognisable. Its upbeat tempo and catchy chorus matches the party atmosphere evoked by the joy-filled flash mob phenomenon.

The choice of the iconic Sydney Opera House Forecourt as the location makes for news-friendly footage, with the dancers spread out along the Monumental Steps, dancing in unison.

The story comes from National Nine News in Adelaide. Broadcast on 14 November 2010. It's a good example of the kind of 'human interest' story often shown at the tail end of a news broadcast which are designed to be very brief and upbeat, leaving the television viewing audience in a positive frame of mind.

You can watch the full flash mob on YouTube.