Superman, 1949

Superman, 1949
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This American-inspired adventure radio series for children was locally made and starred Brisbane native Leonard Teale as Superman and Margaret Christensen as Lois Lane. Teale is best remembered for his performance in the long-running television series Homicide, 1964 - 1977. At least 1,040 15-minute episodes were produced and broadcast between 1949 and 1954 on radio station 2GB. 

The following news story was published in The Standard on 10 March 1949: 'Superman, the recently-acquired AW 6 o’clocker, not only makes a better radio serial than a newspaper strip, but it is also more healthy for children than most of the serials currently broadcast. Of course, our magnetic friend, Clark Kent, still performs miracles, but then you expect that sort of thing in Superman, and it merely seems part of the fun. It is also so fantastic as to present no worry to mothers with sensitive youngsters.'