Stunt Rock for Polish release

Poster art for film 'Stunt Rock'. A man in a yellow unitard with hands up and outstretched and a wide stance holding a microphone in one hand. The film title is made to look like flames written above his arms and between his legs on a black background.
Stunt Rock for Polish release
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In this one-sheet poster for the Polish release of Brian Trenchard-Smith's Stunt Rock (1978) we have an amazing design for a unique film.

The film intercuts Grant Page's spectacular stunt work with the spellbinding theatrical rock music of the band Sorcery.

Trenchard-Smith has said that the idea for the film came to him in 1977 with the basic concept of: 'Famous stuntman meets famous rock group. Much stunt, much rock. The kids will go bananas.'

The poster has a bold design with the central figure forming a dynamic X figure across the image. The flaming film title only adds to the drama. Ultimately this simple design works to attract and hold the viewer's attention.