Stunt Rock for Italian Release

Poster art for film 'Stunt Rock'. Five men in various costumes standing in a row, looking like a 'glam' rock band. Some are dressed in leotards, one is dressed like a wizard and 3 are holding guitars.
Stunt Rock for Italian Release
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This is an oversize, full-colour Italian poster for Stunt Rock (1979), measuring 1.4 x 1.0 metres. The main image is rock band Sorcery in their onstage costumes.

The artwork on this poster is gloriously kitsch, reminiscent of glam rock band photos from the 1970s. The wizard bass player on the right seems a bizarre addition but refers to the movie's plot.

While the poster doesn't tell you much about the movie, it indicates that you can expect some trashy, good fun and is therefore an effective design.