Strike a power pose

A side-by-side comparison of a woman dressed in two different types of underwear. The slide is hand-coloured with a green background.
Strike a power pose
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Go from frumpy to fabulous with the aid of a correctly fitted Berlei foundation garment, correct posture, diet, exercise and make-up!

In the tradition of before and after photographs some tricks have been used to help us form the conclusion that the woman's life is much better after the make-over treatment: her cheeks are rosy, her expression proud instead of dejected and disengaged, her shoes and hair are fancier.

In the second image she is standing in what social psychologist Amy Cuddy would refer to as a 'power pose' or a 'superhero stance'. Women's roles in Australian society changed dramatically during the 20th century - spurred on by the First World War and the changes to employment opportunities for women that this brought. Images like this one speak to the tensions, that are still being played out today, between women's role as objects of beauty, and powerful people who are contributing citizens in their own right.

Notes by Beth Taylor