Strictly Ballroom French poster

French film poster for Strictly Ballroom AKA Ballroom Dancing with tagline 'Delire total!'
Strictly Ballroom French poster
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French film poster for Strictly Ballroom, where it was released as Ballroom Dancing on 2 September 1992. 

Though rather dark, this poster is very effective in capturing the tone of the film. Strictly Ballroom is noted for its camp and glitzy aesthetic and this poster successfully promotes this through its use of numerous artificial starbursts and glamour portraits. Paul Mercurio as the lead actor dominates the poster striking a dramatic pose which is taken from the climax of the film. His dancing partner, Tara Morice, looks seductively over her shoulder. Supporting cast members (Barry Otto, Sonia Kruger and Gia Carides) appear in kitsch star shapes. The film's French title, Ballroom Dancing, is printed in a jaunty, bouncing font meant to simulate movement - up and down, forwards and backwards. This concept is successful given that the film centres around dance. What is odd, however, is the white text at the top of the poster. The stark, blocky white font of 'Delire total' (total delirium) seems out of place and somewhat unsympathetic to the rest of the poster's design.