Sport of Kings: Skippy places a bet

Sport of Kings: Skippy places a bet
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In Season 2, Episode 35, 'The Sport of Kings', Skippy and Sonny are at the racetrack to watch Mark Hammond compete. After Sonny explains the process of betting to Skippy, the clever kangaroo places a one dollar bet on a horse called Wallaby Bill. Not surprisingly Wallaby Bill goes on to win the race and Skippy collects her winnings from the bookmaker.

Scenes like this stretched the audience's capacity to accept Skippy's abilities. For the most part, Skippy was usually directed by Sonny to seek help when there was an accident, often carrying a message in her pouch, probably no more skilled than a well trained family dog. Every so often though Skippy is shown to possess remarkable abilities which has led to years of lighthearted parodying by comedians and others.

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