Sorcery for US release

Movie poster showing some fantasy-type imagery of Nordic-looking warrior holding an axe and leaping in the air. The film title 'Sorcery' is in large red letters and the bottom with the film credits below.
Sorcery for US release
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In this rarely seen one-sheet poster for the Brian Trenchard-Smith film Stunt Rock (1978), the film has been renamed Sorcery for its US release.

The plot revolves around an Australian stunt artist, played by Grant Page, who accepts a job on an American TV series and travels to Los Angeles. There he reunites with his cousin, Sorcery band member Curtis Hyde.

The film intercuts Grant Page's spectacular stunt work with the spellbinding theatrical rock music played by Sorcery.

This beautifully designed poster has a strong emphasis on fantasy-type imagery leading the viewer to think that the film is more in the vein of The Lord of the Rings. A closer inspection reveals that the 'wizard' is wielding a guitar, not a battleaxe.

The imagery ties in with the band's name, 'Sorcery', but doesn't indicate that the film also features numerous highly dangerous stunts (in Australia it was called Stunt Rock). The stylish illustration – and bold title in red text – make for an eye-catching poster, though perhaps including stills of some of the stunts featured in the movie might have given a more accurate representation of the film's genre.