Skippy at Newcastle shopping mall

Skippy at Newcastle shopping mall
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Large crowds gather at a Newcastle shopping mall to see Skippy with her handler, Scotty Denholm. Skippy's popularity saw huge crowds turn out on this national tour.

There fact is there was never one kangaroo that played Skippy. In the television show the crew had a dozen of more 'Skippies' on hand during filming. It wasn't possible to train a kangaroo so when one Skippy would inevitably bound off into the bush after a take the crew would try to catch it or fetch a replacement for the next shot.

This clip appears to be wild footage that would have been edited for a television news segment. The camera crew have effectively captured the size and enthusiasm of the crowd who turned out to see Skippy with some children even sitting on shop displays to get a better look. Unfortunately we don't get to hear what Scotty Denholm is saying but perhaps more concerning is the closing shots of people reaching out to pat the kangaroo. The popularity of the show is clearly on display.

Production company:
NBN Television (Television Station : Newcastle)