Skippy Corn Flakes: You Can Kangaroo!

Skippy Corn Flakes: You Can Kangaroo!
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"You can kangaroo, you can!' repeats this advertisement for Skippy Corn Flakes. The lyrics are a roll call of unique Australian flora and fauna; kookaburras, eucalyptus trees, cockatoos, platypus, paired with images of people being sporty, active or rising from bed to take on the day. Provoking feelings of nationalism but with a typically Australian larrikin, tongue-in-cheek sentiment and coupled with a very catchy song, it is undeniably a very effective advertisement.

Skippy Corn Flakes is promoted as the 'Aussie Corn Flake', in competition to the American brand, Kelloggs. To reinforce this patriotic idea, the final image is a pastiche of the Australian coat of arms. Skippy Corn Flakes were hugely popular for many decades and Sanitarium only recently stopped production.

Production company:
Artransa Park Film Studios
Eric Porter