Skippy and the Intruders: Movie Trailer

Skippy and the Intruders: Movie Trailer
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Not many film trailers would use the phrase, 'See death-defying abalone divers!', as a reason to buy a ticket. But the hype for The Intruders doesn't stop there. The Intruders (also known as Skippy and The Intruders) was the only full length feature film based on the television series. Directed by Lee Robinson the movie didn't detour significantly from the storylines of the series. The villains, led by a particularly malevolent Kevin Miles as Meredith, are searching for sunken treasure while pretending to dive for abalone. Sonny and Clancy get mixed up in the intrigue and are kidnapped. Sonny's father, brother and Jerry King search for the pair and Skippy herself comes to the rescue. If anything, Skippy doesn't feature as much in the film as she does in the television series. At least actress Liza Goddard receives a credit, something she never got in the TV series.

The film was disappointing at the box office and didn't match the success of the television series, only really managing to recoup its costs. This was perhaps because it didn't really offer anything more than what families could see for free every week at home.

Production company:
Woomera Productions
Lee Robinson
Lee Robinson and Joy Cavill