Skippy Adventures in Bushtown - Trouble in Bushtown: Hanky panky!

Skippy Adventures in Bushtown - Trouble in Bushtown: Hanky panky!
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Skippy discovers that Croco is up to mischief in the election for Mayor, accepting money from each of the uninspiring candidates and providing them all with same rent-a-crowd of grannies and babies.

Summary by Annemaree O'Brien

John Palmer’s clever, multilayered script and the related character design is evident in this clip. The mayoral candidate, a Winston Churchill look-alike, makes a comic, nonsensical speech with recognisable lines from famous speeches, building up to the finale – a Christmas carol. He is received with rapturous applause from Croco’s rent-a-crowd. John Palmer wrote most of the scripts for this series.

Trouble in Bushtown synopsis

Skippy the kangaroo is a capable, trustworthy, ‘copter flying park ranger who is the unofficial leader and resident good guy in idyllic Bushtown. In this, the first episode of the series, the aging Mayor is finally retiring and Skippy is appointed election officer to ensure the new Mayor is elected fairly. It is a hotly contested election between a field of unimpressive candidates. Skippy discovers that the greedy Croco is working a scam. In the confusion the unthinkable happens, and lazy, dishonest Croco accidentally becomes Mayor. This is beyond Croco’s wildest dreams and life in Bushtown will never be the same.

Curator's notes

The character of Skippy uses the same name as the famous Australian live-action TV drama series, but otherwise this Yoram Gross series is totally different. In this animated series, Skippy has become the hero rather than the sidekick.

Following on from the successful The Adventures of Blinky Bill series (1992), this was the second major Yoram Gross children’s TV animation series. The creative look of this 2D animation is signature Yoram Gross with flat, bright, clean-lined characters laid over muted pencil-drawn backgrounds.

Trouble in Bushtown establishes the series story arc of Croco accidentally becoming the resident shonky villain in Bushtown. The voices for the entire cast in this 26-part series were created by three multi-talented voice actors. Robyn Moore (who also voiced Blinky Bill, all five Dot movies, Tabaluga, [1997] and Flipper and Lopaka [1999]) does all the female voices ranging from the sensible Matilda to the raucous Suka. Keith Scott (Blinky Bill, Tabaluga, Staines down Drains [2005], The Fairytale Police [2002], Flipper and Lopaka) and Jamie Oxenbould (Tabaluga, Flipper and Lopaka) do all the male voices between them. Jamie Oxenbould is the voice of Skippy.

Series 1 of Skippy Adventures in Bushtown was first broadcast on the Seven Network in 1999.

Notes by Annemaree O'Brien

Production company:
Yoram Gross - Village Roadshow
Yoram Gross
Executive Producer:
Tim Brooke-Hunt, Sandra Gross
Yoram Gross
John Palmer
Guy Gross