Six White Boomers by Russell Coight

Six White Boomers by Russell Coight
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Written in 1960 ‘Six White Boomers’ is another Christmas song with a local theme; Santa unhooks his reindeers and delivers Christmas presents to Australian children with the aid of six large white kangaroos. As with any good story, not all goes well and Santa is enlisted to help a baby joey find his mother.

Russell Coight first appeared on our televisions in 2001 in the series All Aussie Adventures. The inept survival and wildlife expert is a fictional character created by actor Glenn Robbins. After a 14-year hiatus a petition was sent to Network Ten to bring the show back and production started in 2016 for series three.

Robbins’ version of ‘Six White Boomers’ is an animated rendition and not without charm, a perfect song for the larrikin Russell Coight. More produced than the original version this track features the addition of female backing vocals reinforcing the chorus and well placed melodic ‘oohs’ giving it a more contemporary feel. Atmospheric sound effects across the introduction, of a sort more often heard on television than music recordings, work well and add to a track that is sure to put a smile on your face.