Shifting Sands - Passing Through: Hip hop-pety stew

Shifting Sands - Passing Through: Hip hop-pety stew
WARNING: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander viewers are advised that the following program may contain images and/or audio of deceased persons
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Aida (Justine Saunders) comes out of the house to greet Margie (Margaret Harvey) and family Charlie (Luke Elliot), Shannon (Shannon Elliot) and Janaya (Janaya Pender). The family are served ‘hip hop-pety stew’. Margie tells them that they met Bert and Sam. Aunty tells them that those old fellas are dead.

Summary by Romaine Moreton

Passing Through is based on a story of the same name by Janice Slater Herring. Margie (Margaret Harvey) and husband Charlie are taking their children to Margie’s Aunt An (Justine Saunders), and pass through a somewhat desolate town.Passing Through has an unresolved storyline and essentially leaves the ending of the film up to the audience. A directorial debut from filmmaker Mark Olive, Passing Through weaves myth and legend to tell an Indigenous flavoured ghost story.

Mark Olive (AKA Black Olive) is the celebrated Indigenous chef of Outback Café on the Lifestyle Channel, offering Indigenous inspired recipes using traditional Indigenous foods in culinary delights that mix ancient foods hunted and gathered in new ways. Black Olive had a regular spot on ABC’s Message Stick, and recently won the Deadly Award (2006) in the entertainment category.

Passing Through Synopsis

A drama about a young family who pass through a town that isn’t quite what it seems.

Notes by Romaine Moreton

Production company:
Green Island Films
Helen Lovelock
Supervising producer:
Graeme Isaac
Mark Olive (AKA Black Olive)
Mark Olive (AKA Black Olive)
Luke Elliot, Shannon Elliot, Margaret Harvey, Bruce Oliver, Janaya Pender, Llania Pender, Justine Saunders, Gnarnayarrahe Waitarie
Produced with the assistance of the Indigenous Branch of the Australian Film Commission