Round the Twist: Fast forward

Round the Twist: Fast forward
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Gribble Junior (Lachlan Jeffrey) has stolen the magic remote control from Pete (Sam Vandenberg) and is now wreaking havoc with it at school. As Pete struggles to get the remote back, innocent bystanders are caught in the crossfire with comical consequences. Summary by Annemaree O'Brien.

The little vignettes within this scene are well done. The slapstick chase scene is interspersed with the hapless Mr Snapper (Esben Storm) still conducting in fast forward as he is taken away in the ambulance, and the book-carrying teacher who finally falls down the massive hole dug in fast forward by the old gardener.


Round the Twist synopsis

Chaos reigns after a bolt of lightning hits the Twist family’s video remote control – it now works on people! Unfortunately Gribble Junior (Lachlan Jeffrey) gets hold of it and Pete (Sam Vandenberg) is desperately trying to get it back. Meanwhile, training is in earnest for the great spaghetti-eating contest. The remote control is used by Gribble to cheat in the competition.


Round the Twist curator's notes

This is a clever, very funny episode, based on a simple ‘What if…’ idea. There is loads of silly slapstick, and a spectacular dose of yuck at the end.

Round the Twist Series One first went to air in August 1990 on the Seven Network.

Notes by Annemaree O'Brien

Production company:
The Australian Children's Television Foundation
Antonia Barnard
Executive Producer:
Patricia Edgar
Steve Jodrell
Paul Jennings