Rose Byrne in The Tender Hook

Rose Byrne as Iris in The Tender Hook, looks out a window that is fogged over and covered in raindrops.
Rose Byrne in The Tender Hook
Mandala Films
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At the beginning of The Tender Hook (John Ogilvie, Australia, 2008), Iris's face can be seen through a car window, gazing out into a rainy night in 1920s Sydney.

Caroline Johns's still captures the film's atmosphere and Iris's character and locks onto the repeated visual motif of Iris seen through glass, used throughout the film to emphasise her remoteness and inaccessibility.

In the film, archival footage blends with stylish film noir to tell a story about a love and power triangle between boxing promoter and small-time crook McHeath (Hugo Weaving), his wife, the enigmatic Iris (Rose Byrne), and an earnest young boxer (Matt Le Nevez).