Raquel Mendoza: Young Talent Time, 1982

Raquel Mendoza: Young Talent Time, 1982
Johnny Young, Clearvoice Pty Ltd
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In addition to song and dance numbers by the regular cast, Young Talent Time hosted a talent quest. Actor and singer Evie Hayes and others judged the contestants and chose the winner each week.  

Here 12-year-old dancer Raquel Mendoza appears as a contestant in 1982. She goes on to win the contest with her interpretation of the traditional Thai fon lep (or fingernail dance). 

It is disappointing to see the detail of her beautiful costume lost under the red spotlight but this doesn’t detract from Raquel’s precision moves.  

As can be seen from this example, the show achieved more diverse ethnic representation through the talent quest contestants than the cast of the show, who mostly came from European backgrounds. 

This clip is from episode 82/24. 

Notes by Beth Taylor