Provincial Cities of Australia: Ballarat

Provincial Cities of Australia: Ballarat
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The documentary opens with a shot of the Victory Arch spanning the Avenue of Honour which is a memorial to men who fought in WWI. A shot from a high vantage point shows Sturt street and another inner city street which has trams going along it. The statue of Peter Lalor and the obelisk commemorating the Eureka Stockade are shown. City Hall and the Post Office are shown. Residents of Ballarat are shown digging up the roadside of suburban streets in their search for gold. A group of them dig up soil and and pan it for gold in a nearby gully. The column commemorating the discovery of gold in 1851 is also shown. A man holds a model of a large nugget which was discovered in the area. The stucco exterior of the curiosity shop constructed by James Warwick is shown. A group of people walks through the Ballarat Botanic Gardens and the statue "Flight from Pompeii" by the sculptor Benzoni is also shown. At nearby Lake Wendouree people are shown sailing sailboats, riding on tourist boats, rowing row boats, fishing and enjoying the foreshores of the lake.