The pink bridesmaid's dress

The pink bridesmaid's dress
House and Moorhouse Films
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The pink bridesmaids’ ensembles were worn by Janine (Belinda Jarrett), Cheryl (Rosalind Hammond) and Nicole (Pippa Grandison) at Tania’s wedding at the start of the film.

The hot-pink bridesmaid’s dress is matched with pearl choker necklace, nylon lace gloves, white floral-and-pearl headpiece and pearl and gold clip-on earrings. The neckline is defined by a stiff ruffle of pink tulle with seed-pearl decoration and the bridesmaids all wear their hair in the same up-swept style. 

Thanks to the generous donation of production company House and Moorhouse Films, the NFSA preserves eight of the costumes designed by Terry Ryan for Muriel’s Wedding.

Terry (Terence) Ryan has designed costumes for more than 50 productions across cinema (Starstruck, 1982; King Kong, 2006; Tomorrow, When the War Began, 2010) and television (The Cowra Breakout, 1984; Farscape, 1999-2003).

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