Peter Sculthorpe Composes

Peter Sculthorpe Composes
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Peter Sculthorpe wants to create a perfect work of art. He composed Irkanda One for Violin by tracing the landscape around Canberra on a 360-degree graph, then wrote music to follow the contours.

This clip consists of excerpts from Peter Sculthorpe, an episode of Australian Biography Series 7, produced in 1999.

In Peter Sculthorpe, the composer describes the way in which Australian history and landscape have influenced him and tells of the emotionally significant events in his life which have found expression in his music.

The Australian Biography series profiles some of the most extraordinary Australians of our time. Many have had a major impact on the nation’s cultural, political and social life.

All are remarkable and inspiring people who have reached a stage in their lives where they can look back and reflect. Through revealing in-depth interviews, they share their stories – of beginnings and challenges, landmarks and turning points.

In so doing, they provide us with an invaluable historical record and a unique perspective on the roads we, as a country, have travelled.

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