Out of the Body: Movie Poster

Movie poster for 'Out of the Body' showing an extreme close up cut-out of a man's eyes. He seems to have a menacing look in his eyes. Above the cut out is a tagline 'The Ultimate in Dream Screams' and below is the movie title and credits.
Out of the Body: Movie Poster
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In Sydney, Australia there is a killer on the loose, removing the eyes of his female victims. There is hope however, with an astral traveller named David Gaze – who also happens to be the prime suspect.

This is the plot summary for the 1988 supernatural thriller film Out of the Body starring Mark Hembrow and Tessa Humphries. This poster is for the Australian release with the tagline 'The Ultimate in Dream Screams'.

A powerful poster, effectively projecting a sense of evil with the central and dominating image of menacing, non-human eyes. The film's title is wonderfully rendered in a red 'fright' font, emphasising the tagline.