The Orchestra

The Orchestra
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This is a clip from the multi-award winning, hand-drawn animation The Orchestra, by Mikey Hill.

The film explores a world where striking the wrong note is literal, not figurative. A band of tiny musicians follows you, playing the soundtrack to your life – communicating your emotions, fears and hopes.

This clip shows Vernon, a lonely man with crippling shyness. He is shuttered away from the world, trying to save his pot plant, with his tiny musicians playing out of key and out of tempo.

The Orchestra was nominated for Best Short Animation at the 2015 AACTA Awards and has screened at over 100 film festivals. The film has received 38 awards and honours, including Best Animation and Best Original Score (by Jamie Messenger) at the 2016 St Kilda Film Festival and the Yoram Gross Award for Best Australian Short Animation at the 2016 Flickerfest Short Film Festival.