No Love for Johnnie

Movie poster for a film titled No Love for Johnnie.
No Love for Johnnie
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No Love for Johnnie (Ralph Thomas, UK, 1961): Starring Peter Finch (1916–1977), b. London, UK

Although born in London, multiple award-winning actor Peter Finch spent his formative years in Sydney.

He was discovered in 1948 by Sir Laurence Olivier while on tour in Australia. Olivier offered Finch a theatre contract in London after seeing his performance in Le Malade Imaginaire (The Imaginary Invalid).

In No Love for Johnnie, Finch portrayed a cynical and disillusioned Labour MP seeking escape in a relationship with a younger woman.

To prepare for the role, Finch researched British law and visited the UK Houses of Parliament. His performance was widely admired and won him the BAFTA Award for Best British Actor and the Silver Bear for Best Actor at the 11th Berlin International Film Festival.

Peter Finch’s portrait dominates this poster, effectively inviting the viewer to understand that at the heart of this film is the main character’s inner conflict. The deep red background reflects the traditional colour associated with the British Labour Party.

Notes by Michelle Davenport