Nicky and Graham - Sending up ABC children's radio

Nicky and Graham - Sending up ABC children's radio
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An extract of the morning program ‘Nicky and Graham’ starring Nicky (Clifford Nicholls Whitta) and Graham Kennedy on Melbourne radio station 3UZ in June 1955.

Graham passionately wanted to be on radio and he got his chance aged 15 when he secured a messenger job for Radio Australia in 1949, literally running the news copy from the newsroom in one building and delivering it into the hands of the newsreader in the studio in another building. This led to a position in the record library at the Melbourne station 3UZ and in 1951 to the coveted position of turntable operator for the popular announcer Nicky (Clifford Nicholas Whitta). Kennedy’s on-air radio career began with this program. Initially shy on air, Kennedy grew in confidence, feeding lines to his mentor and participating in various cheeky scenarios such as this one where Nicky and Graham reveal to the listener how they are going to send up an ABC radio children’s session in this program. 

Notes by Maryanne Doyle