Neutron Dance: Young Talent Time, 1986

Neutron Dance: Young Talent Time, 1986
Johnny Young, Clearvoice Pty Ltd
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Host Johnny Young calls Young Talent Time ‘your big hour of the week’, which it was for the show’s numerous fans watching at home. 

As is traditional for the show, a child from the studio audience introduces Johnny Young. It’s a bit disturbing to see the large furry puppet shake the girl to give her a cue to speak – this wouldn’t happen today!

This is a strong example of the type of big show openers the show often featured. The sets, complete with a moving train, costumes and choreography are all impressive.  

Care has been taken to give each child a role in the scene. Vince Del Tito (now Deltito, 1983–88) and Mark Stevens (1985–88) play the leads, with back-up from Danielle (Dannii) Minogue (1982–88), Lorena Novoa (1984–87, 1988) and Katie Van Ree (1981–86, 1987). 

It is interesting to see how the various strengths of the kids are incorporated. Natalie Miller (1985–88) and Vanessa Windsor (1983–87) showcase their tap dancing skills, while Beven Addinsall (1983–88) performs an acrobatic leap.  

The younger team members Courtney Compagnino (1986–88), Tim Nelson (1984–87) and Greg Poynton (1984–88) have smaller bit parts. 

With all this colour, music and movement it is easy to see why the show remained a hit throughout its 18-year run.  

The song ‘Neutron Dance’, was a Top 10 hit for the Pointer Sisters. It was written by Allee Willis and Danny Sembello and featured on the Beverly Hills Cop (USA, Martin Brest, 1984) soundtrack. 

This excerpt comes from episode 86/49 produced on 10 November 1986. 

Notes by Beth Taylor