Neptune's Daughter Compile

Neptune's Daughter Compile
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A compilation of three short scenes from the silent feature Neptune's Daughter (Herbert Brenon, USA, 1914) featuring Annette Kellerman.

Neptune's Daughter's winning combination of action, drama and as much of a hint of nudity as you could put on screen in 1914, resulted in a big win at the box office. The film cost US$35,000 to produce by grossed over US$1 million, earning Kellerman the moniker Million Dollar Mermaid (which became the name of the biopic starring Esther Williams released in 1952).

The fact that Kellerman's character in the film is called Annette shows what a household name Kellerman was in the US. At the height of her vaudeville career, she had many nicknames including The Diving Venus, The Australian Mermaid and The Cooee Girl.

You can learn more about her life in the online exhibition Annette Kellerman: Australia's Fearless Mermaid.