National Panasonic Sing-O-Ring R-72S radio

Bright blue futuristic style radio from the late 1960s.
National Panasonic Sing-O-Ring R-72S radio
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The National Panasonic Sing-O-Ring R-72S radio, manufactured from 1969 to 1972, featuring a space age design. 

Portable battery operated Japanese radio with mechanism housed in a bright blue plastic casing. The doughnut shaped casing is hinged and must be twisted open to reveal the silver tuning dial on the inside. When split the radio forms an 'S' shape. After tuning into the desired radio station, the casing can then be closed and the radio carried like a handbag or slipped over the wrist like a bracelet. 'National Panasonic' printed in white and the words 'Earphone', 'Battery Open' and 'Off-Volume' embossed into the plastic with fine lines pointing in their directions. There is a silver plate on the face which meets the tuning dial with the National Panasonic emblem, model number, manufacturer and technical information. The radio is battery operated and features a headphone jack, grille speaker and volume dial.

This radio was advertised as a 'Sing-O-Ring' radio in Australia and New Zealand, and a 'Toot-a-Loop' radio elsewhere. It was manufactured by Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. Ltd for National Panasonic.

This item was purchased new by the donor from an electronic and music retail store in Darwin 'Cavenagh Electronics'.