The Mushroom Group Collection: Kylie's Padam Padam

The Mushroom Group Collection: Kylie's Padam Padam
The Mushroom Group
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The Mushroom Group is Australia’s largest independent music company. It contains several music labels focusing on various genres including Bloodlines, Ivy League and Liberation Records. Over the last three years, the NFSA has been collecting all releases relating to Australian artists under the Mushroom banner.

As a result, this collection contains music released over this period by several important artists. These include Kylie Minogue, Archie Roach, The Teskey Brothers, DMA’s, Confidence Man, The Rubens, Maina Doe and Dan Sultan, whose music video for 'Chance to Lose Control' is featured in this clip.

This collection highlights some of the great contemporary music to come out of Australia over the past few years and it is a valuable addition to the archive.

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