Movietone Special: Peace: Australia Celebrates

Movietone Special: Peace: Australia Celebrates
Cinesound Movietone Productions
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This Movietone News special edition newsreel marks the nationwide celebrations at the end of the Second World War.

This clip shows joyous celebrations erupting in Sydney streets at the declaration of peace after the Japanese surrender. Footage includes enormous crowds crammed shoulder to shoulder in the city. A tracking shot from a moving vehicle shows the famous image of the dancing man who does a pirouette and doffs his hat for the camera. Another man holds up the front page of the newspaper with the 'PEACE’ headline, people crowd into trams, and over shots of people going wild throwing shredded paper, the voice-over by Jack Davey urges people to 'tear up some paper, it’s the thing to do!’. There are also shots of night celebrations and the start of the victory march the following morning.