Mick Molloy on Game Changers: Why Martin/Molloy Succeeded

Mick Molloy on Game Changers: Why Martin/Molloy Succeeded
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In this clip from Episode 6 of the Game Changers: Radio podcast, Mick Molloy describes to Craig Bruce a typical Martin/Molloy workday and the factors that helped make the show a success.

Martin/Molloy’s initial success came down to two major factors – the writing talents of the duo and the intense production schedule of the show. Although Tony Martin and Mick Molloy proved on The Late Show that they were excellent performers, both felt that writing was their strongest suit and if they focused on that, the show would succeed.

However, as they wanted the show to be fast-paced and include sketches and interviews, production was also a key element. The sketches and interviews were carefully edited to ensure all pre-recorded segments were tight and that the show was as entertaining as possible.