Mick Molloy on Game Changers: The origins of Martin/Molloy

Mick Molloy on Game Changers: The origins of Martin/Molloy
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In this clip from Episode 6 of the Game Changers: Radio podcast, Mick Molloy explains to Craig Bruce the origins of Martin/Molloy and its instant success.

After gaining a national profile through the success of the TV show The Late Show in 1992–93, Tony Martin and Mick Molloy decided to pitch the idea of a comedy drive show to their former radio station (of the D-Generation Breakfast Show), Triple M in Melbourne. Although they felt that Triple M’s audience would suit their style of humour, the station decided to pass.

Eventually the station across the street, Fox FM (who were part of the Austereo network at the time), gave it the green light at the start of 1995. Even though the mix between their brand of humour and commercial dance music was an odd one, the show was an instant ratings success.

Despite the success on Fox FM, years later, many still think that they heard the show on Triple M. As Tony Martin explained to Radio Today in 2018, ‘I’ve even had the chairman of Austereo – when we were doing Get This (in 2006–07) – say to me, “I always said you and Mick were the heart and soul of Triple M”. I had to remind him that we weren’t on Triple M.’