Mental as Anything on Simon Townsend's Wonder World!

Mental as Anything on Simon Townsend's Wonder World!
Simon Townsend, Network Ten
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Simon Townsend's Wonder World! was well known for presenting new music on the show via the latest video clips or through interviews with local and visiting performers.

This clip begins with Simon Townsend introducing the latest video from Australian band Mental As Anything, for their single 'Spirit Got Lost'. Then Maurice Parker catches up with the band after the release of their 1983 album, Creatures of Leisure.

As this clip demonstrates, Simon Townsend's Wonder World! and Mental As Anything make for a perfect combination, with the band's wacky sense of humour in sync with that of the show's reporters. This seemingly make-it-up-as-you-go-along segment is thoroughly engaging and a joy to watch.

Band member Reg Mombassa even treats us to a quick history of the lawn mower and Hills hoist!