Melbourne in the 1950s: Philippe Mora, home movies and the art scene - part 2

Melbourne in the 1950s: Philippe Mora, home movies and the art scene - part 2
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Home movie footage taken by Gerty Anschel (c.1954-1955) with audio commentary by artist and filmmaker Philippe Mora. Part 2 of 3 features the property of Roger de Stoop, artist friends and Arthur Boyd at work on his 1956 Melbourne Olympic statue. Philippe reflects on his childhood identifies key figures of the Melbourne art scene.

Summary of shots: Footage begins with shots of the home and property of Roger de Stoop; artist friends stroll across the property. Guests are seen picnicking in the bush: Alan Wynn, Georges Mora, Laurence Hope, Sally Wynn, Simon Wynn, Mira Mora, Gerty Anchel. Mira Mora is seen preparing food; we see John Perceval, Mary Perceval (now Lady Nolan), Matthew Perceval, Neil Douglas and Hernia Boyd in the garden.

A shot of a Neil Douglas painting. Arthur Boyd’s ceramic sculptures on display at the Herald Outdoor Art Show (Melbourne). Arthur Boyd working on his (commissioned) ceramic sculpture for the 1956 Melbourne Olympics in his studio at Murrumbeena. Mirka Mora and Georges Mora assisting Arthur Boyd with ceramic pieces. A shot of Jamie Boyd followed by a large group of artists children (including Philippe Mora and Danny Anschel) making ceramic works in Boyd’s studio. End shots of Arthur Boyd working on site at the Olympic stadium.

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Home movie footage taken by:
Gerty Anschel
Audio commentary by:
Philippe Mora