Martin/Molloy: Tony’s Murder Plot

Martin/Molloy: Tony’s Murder Plot
Tony Martin and Mick Molloy
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The duo had a philosophy that they wanted Martin/Molloy to be as entertaining and as fully-packed as comedies on television like The Late Show. As a result, like that show, sketches formed a large part of Martin/Molloy. 

Tony Martin explained to Craig Bruce on the Game Changers: Radio podcast in 2016 that he wanted Martin/Molloy to be ‘a show, not a shift. The breakfast shift is (something where) people might hear 20 minutes… We’re going, we don’t want that. If we’re going to do all these fancy sketches and spend all day writing these jokes, and cut up all these interviews, we want people to hear the whole thing like a TV show.’ 

Tony’s 'Murder Plot' is an example of one of these 'fancy sketches' which is full of sound effects and uses background music as a key ingredient – Supertramp's 'The Logical Song' is the butt of one of the jokes. It also includes a cameo from their producer, Peter Grace (Gracie), who was often roped into their sketches.