Martin/Molloy: Tony’s Movie Fone

Martin/Molloy: Tony’s Movie Fone
Tony Martin and Mick Molloy
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Sketches on Martin/Molloy often featured highly-specific references to obscure parts of cinema. 

There was a danger that some references may go over the audience’s heads, but they were presented in a fashion that made the audience feel like they were in on the joke without necessarily having the knowledge behind it. 

In this clip, along with some obscure film references, cinema chains themselves come into the firing line. This excerpt also features Vicki Marr’s excellent production skills and, of course, the great voice-over work of Pete Smith. 

Tony Martin is name-checking real films in this clip, although he doesn't refer to A Thousand Acres (Jocelyn Moorhouse, USA, 1997 – starring Jessica Lange and Michelle Pfeiffer) or City of Angels (Brad Silberling, USA, 1998 – a remake of Wings of Desire), by their actual titles.