Martin/Molloy: Stephen King’s Everything

Martin/Molloy: Stephen King’s Everything
Tony Martin and Mick Molloy
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This Martin/Molloy sketch parodies the ubiquity of prolific horror writer Stephen King.

Elaborate sketches were a major part of Martin/Molloy but were extremely time consuming. 

As Tony explained to Radio Today in 2018, 'We would commandeer a production studio for six hours a day (and) would often spend three days on a sketch that went one minute fifty. You play it once or twice and it’s gone. It’s not seen as very time effective.' 

From 1996 to 1998, the sketches were produced by Vicki Marr, who Tony rates as invaluable. '… [B]y year two we were wanting to be much more ambitious and elaborate with our sketches. Vicki was the key to making that work.' 

This sketch is a great example of these production techniques and allows Mick to take his interviewer character into a different setting – in this case, the 'palatial home' of King in Connecticut, complete with butler.