Martin/Molloy: Paul Hester Joins Midnight Oil

Martin/Molloy: Paul Hester Joins Midnight Oil
Tony Martin and Mick Molloy
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Tony Martin and Mick Molloy were very selective about the guests they allowed on the Martin/Molloy show, which infuriated station management. 

For example, as Mick Molloy stated on the Game Changers: Radio podcast in 2016, ‘…one day, we had a stand-up argument (with management) because we didn’t want to interview Celine Dion and they couldn’t work it out … Our show’s not going to rise or fall on whether we interview Celine Dion.’ 

They much preferred to host lower-profile guests that they knew they gelled with, such as local musician Dave Graney and former Crowded House drummer Paul Hester. 

Occasionally Paul would come on the show to promote something, but most of the time he would just be joining the duo for a yack, usually about his shed. In 1998 and 1999, Paul hosted a TV show on the ABC called Hessie’s Shed on which both Mick and Tony occasionally appeared. 

In this clip, Paul, in his unique style, talks about how he was asked to go to Adelaide at late notice for a one-off gig playing drums with Midnight Oil, filling in for regular drummer Rob Hirst.