Martin/Molloy: Hey Mon Stereotypes

Martin/Molloy: Hey Mon Stereotypes
Tony Martin and Mick Molloy
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This sketch satirises radio advertising techniques and comments on the cultural appropriation and commodification of Rastafari culture common in ads of the time. At the end of the sketch, cultural stereotypes come back to haunt Tony Martin’s character. 

Pre-recorded sketches were a major part of Martin/Molloy and fake advertisements were common. 

Tony Martin channelled his skills and frustrations from his early job in radio copywriting to produce pitch-perfect parodies of tropes and trends in radio advertising. 

On the Extreme Vetting podcast with The Chaser in 2020, Tony explains that ‘my job was (writing) 120 x 30-second radio ads a week, so you come up with six good ones, and the rest would be, “Thinking About Carpet?”. Or, when you ran out of Thinking Abouts, the other one was, "There’s never been a better time."'