Martin/Molloy: Head to Head with Pauline Hanson

Martin/Molloy: Head to Head with Pauline Hanson
Tony Martin and Mick Molloy
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Another production technique often utilised on Martin/Molloy was cutting up real interviews and inserting questions from Tony or Mick to create a fake interview with a real person.

As Tony explained to Radio Today in 2018, ‘There was a lot of chopping up interviews from TV and changing the questions … You had to sit there with a VHS recorder and tape the news that night and then go through it and find lines from John Howard that you could misuse. It would seem like an incredibly primitive process for people doing radio shows now to see us doing it.’ 

This clip is an example of that technique but, rather than John Howard, the target is Pauline Hanson. She came to the public’s attention at the 1996 federal election and was regularly parodied on the show thereafter. 

It should be noted that the sketch also references ‘Baby’ John Burgess who was a popular game-show host in the 1990s.