Martin/Molloy: Bad Cloning Joke

Martin/Molloy: Bad Cloning Joke
Tony Martin and Mick Molloy
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Although the 'Radio Gladiators' segment was aimed at getting people to call up about the topic of the day, Mick and Tony put a lot of effort into how to introduce the topic – which they referred to as the solicit.

As Tony Martin explained in an interview with Radio Today in 2018, ‘It was really just for the solicit … the first part of it (where) we would do a bunch of jokes on that topic. Then we would go, “Now let’s see if the caller’s got a story like that.” Often one of the callers would be a fake caller or would be one of our characters from the show. Even the phone-in was just to try and get us to more comedy.’ 

In this example, the topic is cloning, with Tony referring to Ian Kiernan’s Clean Up Australia Day campaign which leads to an elaborate sketch within the solicit.