Martin/ Molloy: Entertainment Tonight

Martin/ Molloy: Entertainment Tonight
Tony Martin and Mick Molloy
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Each episode of Martin/Molloy would consist of several prerecorded sketches, regularly satirising pop culture of the time and often using commercial music. 

Even though these sketches were some of the show’s funniest, they didn’t find their way on to their three compilation albums due to rights issues. 

Using musical cues in a repetitive way was a regular trope in these sketches and it is used to brilliant effect in this parody of the tabloid newsmagazine show, Entertainment Tonight

The repeated audio snippet in this clip is from Robert Palmer's 'Simply Irresistible', a No. 1 hit in Australia in 1988. It's cleverly used as shorthand to conjure the audience's memories of the song's video clip.

The music video was one of a series of instantly iconic (and much parodied) film clips in which Palmer fronted a band of female supermodels in identical outfits, nonchalantly pretending to play the song's backing track.