Margaret Court: The Aussie Amazon

Margaret Court: The Aussie Amazon
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Margaret Court’s 1970 championship victory over American, Billie Jean King, was her third Wimbledon title and her third Grand Slam win of the year.

Court amassed more major titles than any other player in tennis history. Some consider her to be the greatest tennis player of all time. She won 192 singles titles including 24 Grand Slam titles and is the only player in tennis history to complete a Multiple Grand Slam set, twice, in all three disciplines: singles, women's doubles and mixed doubles.

Court was dubbed the 'Aussie Amazon' because of her rigorous exercise routine.

American Billie Jean King was a World No.1 tennis player with 39 Grand Slam victories in singles, doubles and mixed doubles; including six single Wimbledon titles. She is also known for defeating Bobby Riggs in a much hyped exhibition match dubbed, 'The Battle of the Sexes', in September 1973. Earlier in the same year, Riggs had easily defeated Margaret Court in a similar exhibition game which became known as the 'Mother's Day Massacre'.