The Man From Snowy River: Czech Poster

Film poster showing an image of horses galloping in a paddock. The film title in Czech 'Muz od Snezne Reky' is written in white on a black banner diagonally across the poster. Credits and image of apple with a bite taken out of it sit underneath title.
The Man From Snowy River: Czech Poster
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This poster is for the Czechoslovakian release of The Man From Snowy River

It's an unusual poster for a number of reasons. Despite the text saying the film is a 'romantic western', the main image shows galloping horses with no obvious reference to the romance between the two leads which is at the centre of the film. In fact, Tom Burlinson and Sigrid Thornton are not credited at all.

And what are we to make of the apple with a bite taken out of it? Is it a reference to the transgressions of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden? If so, then it is an obtuse reference that tells us little about the movie's genre, time period or themes.

Ultimately this poster is not very successful in selling the story or mood of the film, besides indicating the presence of wild horses in the narrative.